Text, Talk, Ready Set Go

Text, Talk, Ready Set Go is a free activity to help address the increasing mental health challenges of our youth and to better prepare first-year college students for the transition year. First-year college students can prepare to get Ready Set Go with our innovative activity, delivered to their small group through a series of pre-programmed text messages.

Text, Talk, Ready Set Go can be used during college orientation (virtual or in-person) and can be deployed throughout the first semester (ex: during University 101 classes, residence hall/floor activities, etc.) as students face the everyday challenges the transition can bring.

Download our organizing toolkit below. 

For the high school activity geared toward juniors and seniors, click here.

Here’s How it Works

During college orientation or throughout the semester, divide students into groups of 3-4, with one cell phone per group (this can also be done virtually through online technologies such as Zoom or Google Classrooms). Group’s text Ready to 833-440-2220 to receive a series of text messages that guide them through a 45-minute conversation about how they can prepare for the transition year. The text messages include polling questions, discussion questions and information and resources to help set them up for success.

Planning for Text, Talk, Set to Go in Your School

Download our College Organizing Toolkit  for all the details on how to bring Text, Talk, Ready Set Go to your school (provides information for in-person and virtual events). 

For more information, please contact Raquel Goodrich at Raquel@texttalkact.com.