JED/WebMD Preparing for College Special Report

This special WebMD website, created in partnership with The Jed Foundation (JED), features Set to Go materials on mental health and preparing for college. The website includes information on a WebMD survey of 700 parents and guardians of high school students and a Medscape survey of 500 health care professionals, including pediatricians, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The website also includes original video content, including first-year college students discussing their transition process and some of the challenges they faced as well as expert advice on how to support teens during this critical transition.

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Adaptable Transition of Care Guide

For colleges and universities looking to adapt a version of our Transition of Care Guide, this document guides you through the process of creating a version customized to your school. The resource will help students who need to transition health or mental healthcare from high school to college navigate the process and find resources at your school.

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Text, Talk, Set to Go

Help junior and senior students start the conversation about getting set to go with this fun and engaging peer-to-peer activity. Students in small groups (or families) receive a series of free, pre-programmed text messages to get them talking together about the college transition and how they can prepare for it. This 45-minute interactive activity can […]

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