Learning to Be a Good Friend

As a senior in high school few things are as exciting and terrifying as the idea of beginning college. And for good reason: the person you once were in high school is no longer relevant, as college creates the opportunity to discover your real self. However, being a little fish in a big pond makes […]

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Why I Decided to Go to College

Choosing to go away for college was one of the most challenging decisions I had to make as a teenager leaving high school. But as a young adult looking back on my journey, I can see that it was also the most rewarding decision I had made. Growing up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn around […]

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In Competition with Myself

I heard the alarm go off at 5:00am from my mother’s room, and I knew that she would come to my room to wake me up.  The day had finally come for me to start my new life at college.  I was excited.  I wanted this new adventure.  Yet, I felt some anxiety because this […]

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Family Blog: Help Your Teen Become More Independent Before College

As a parent, an important part of our mission statement is to give support to our children.  We notice where difficulties arise and often feel the call to action to help. Over the years, we have lovingly erected scaffolding around our children as a framework of support. We find ourselves providing that support in multiple […]

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Transitioning to College as a Student Athlete

Coming into college was difficult at first; however, I adjusted relatively quickly, thanks in part to being a student athlete. For some incoming athletes, it is difficult to manage sports and school because college-level sports can be so much more intense and time consuming than high school sports. For me personally, though, since I have […]

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When Your Friends Are Struggling

When I finished my first semester of college and packed up for winter break, I truly felt as though I was leaving a home, rather than returning to one. The previous three months had been filled with late night conversations, dinners with new friends, and fascinating courses. I felt the happiest at college that I […]

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Dealing with my Mental Health During the Transition to College

In the bottom drawer of my nightstand in my childhood bedroom lies a stack of journals, ranging from sixth grade to the present. The practice of journaling has been not only therapeutic in itself but also a frame through which I am able to view my own processes of tension, growth, and self-discovery as I […]

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Emotional Readiness for the Transition to College: A Set to Go Webinar

60 percent of first-year college students wish they had received more help with emotional preparation for the transition to college. How is your school doing on emotional readiness for the college transition? On March 14, 2018, John MacPhee, CEO of The Jed Foundation (JED), and Sara Gorman, Director of High School Programming, did a webinar […]

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