On the Transition to College: Making Time for Time

When I first arrived on campus the September of my first semester, some combination of anxiety, excitement, and nostalgia fluttered in my gut. As my dad dropped me off for my pre-orientation camping trip, I felt an overwhelming and simultaneous sense of loss and beginning. Beginning this new phase of my life meant leaving behind […]

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Q & A: Concerned About a Roommate

Question: I don’t know my new roommate that well, but I’m worried because I’ve noticed she spends a lot of time in the bathroom and has cuts that she covers up with clothes. Should I say something or tell someone? Answer: Yes, in this situation telling someone is a very good idea. I would especially […]

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Q & A: College Social Life

Question: I thought that college would be different, but it’s been a month and a half and I haven’t connected with anyone. I feel very lonely and alienated because I don’t know anyone on a personal level at school. I don’t know if feeling like a fish out of water still is normal. Answer: Feeling […]

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Q & A: Transferring

Question: I just started my freshman year, and I feel like I chose the wrong college. I don’t know how to tell my parents, or how I could transfer since they were so excited about me going here. Something about this school is really depressing me, and I’m not usually a depressed person. Maybe I […]

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Transition to College: Be Honest With Yourself

Have you ever noticed how every college brochure looks roughly the same? The pages seem uniformly stuffed with images of spirited undergrads holding textbooks and flashing pearl-white smiles at the camera. The college hunt is littered with countless such images, subtle and not-so-subtle visual assurances that yes, at this school, you will be successful and […]

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Transition to College: Finding Mental Health Support

My stress level was always very high during the first semester of my senior year in high school. I was worried about my classes, my test scores, and getting into college. The college process felt terrifying to me: it made me question what I have worked for at my highly competitive, six-hours-of-homework-a-night high school. In […]

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Why Getting Rejected from Your Dream School May Be the Best Thing to Happen to You

It was March 12th: the day that Duke would release it’s letters of acceptance and rejection. Sitting cross-legged on my bed on a quiet Wednesday night, I remember feeling like my surroundings did not seem to match the intensity of this moment. I could practically hear a drum roll in the back of my head. […]

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Transition to College: I Wasn’t the Only One

Arriving on campus in the sweltering summer heightened my discomfort and anxiety about starting freshman year. I remember the distinct feeling of butterflies in my stomach. However, instead of the harmless butterflies caused by nerves, these were the kind that made me feel extremely nauseas and flustered. This uncomfortable sensation kept me on the verge […]

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