Getting Involved

What you end up getting out of college has everything to do with what you put in to the experience.  This goes beyond academics and the time you dedicate to coursework and studying.  Being involved on campus leads to better overall college experiences, greater feelings of being connected to other people and it often helps  you learn very useful life skills. Just keep in mind that social activities, clubs and campus groups offer many benefits, but they can also consume a lot of time and interfere with other obligations. Balance is key.

Think about your interests, background and goals to help identify potential organizations to join. Most college websites have an area where you can browse through organizations and activities. Make a list of the ones that interest you most and reach out to the leader for more information. Many organizations allow prospective members to attend certain events or meetings to learn more. Most schools also have a student activities fair at the beginning of each semester.

Whatever activities or organizations you choose to be involved in, use them as an opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. More than anything, college offers choices. This is your chance to choose activities that interest you and support your goals.

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