Social and Emotional Skills

Social and emotional skills involve the process of understanding and applying the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. These skills might seem obvious, but many adults continue to have difficulty getting them right all the time. Having a good grasp on these skills, however, is an important part of adulthood and will help you during the time when you are transitioning out of high school to the next step in your life. Understanding the social and emotional dynamics of your life will help you manage significant changes to your routine, environment and social circle that might come up during this transition period.


Self-awareness involves the process of being able to understand and recognize your emotions, what you care about and how you view yourself.  Why should you care? Well, self-awareness is the first step in relating to others.  Since being able to connect with others is a big part of our lives, this skill is critical to be aware of and understand.


Self-management describes the way that we manage our feelings, thoughts, behaviors and working through challenges. Young children often have difficulty with these skills but as we grow and mature we develop more and more understanding and control in these areas. Our skills in self-management have a big impact on our feelings about ourselves and our relationships with others.

Social Awareness

As you grow up, you learn that your life is so much better when you are sensitive and aware of the needs and feelings of the people around you. Social awareness is a fundamental tool in being able to manage friendships, school and work situations and anything that involves interacting with other people. In this section you’ll learn about the factors that contribute to social awareness.

Social Skills

Social skills refer to your ability to interact with other people. It’s important to understand social skills since you are almost constantly interacting with people – your family, with friends, at school, in your community, place of worship, in stores and more. Your success and comfort in these interactions will impact how you feel about many areas of your life. Read through this section to learn more.


Being resilient means that you are able to adjust to circumstances and keep going in the face of challenges, big and small. Resilient people are able to take on difficult work, build strong relationships and embrace unfamiliar experiences.  In this section you’ll learn what impacts your ability to be resilient and being resilient has a positive influence on your life.

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