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During your time in high school you’ll be gaining academic skills and knowledge to prepare you for adult life, but thriving in adulthood requires more than just facts learned in school. Throughout this site, we’ll share information, tools and guidance to help you navigate your transition out of high school and onto the next step. We will help you with finding the right college fit, developing important emotional and life skills, increasing your knowledge about important health issues for guidance about adjusting to life at college.

Learn how to:

Identify and develop important emotional and practical skills
social and emotional well-being

Increase your knowledge of important physical and mental health issues
staying healthy at college

Put college into perspective and consider your post-high school options
the value of college

Get guidance about adjusting to life at college
the transition to college

The Essentials

Throughout your time in high school and beyond, you’re learning skills that will help you in your classes, at your job and with your peers. We want to help you reinforce and expand those skills. Take some time to browse our resources and reflect on where you are in your growth as a healthy and emotionally aware individual.

Learn Practical and Powerful Skills

How many hours of sleep do you need each night? If you answered with any number less than eight, you’re probably not getting the recommended amount of sleep. Basic skills like time management, laundry and grocery shopping are important for your success after high school because they help you establish a routine, feel confident and minimize stress. You probably don’t realize that you’re learning these skills every day.

prepare for greater independence

Develop Social and Emotional Skills

Self-awareness, social awareness, social skills and resiliency are all abilities that will help you succeed after high school. These skills won’t just help you in the classroom; they will help you on the job and while communicating with friends and family. Working on these skills now – and adapting them in the future – will help carry you through life challenges. Learn more about how you can continue to build on your strengths.

your social and emotional well-being

Understand Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Learn what you need to know about improving and maintaining your emotional well-being and helping others through emotional and mental health challenges. We’re here to help you better understand what it takes to stay emotionally well and how to seek help if you need it.

learn more

Next Steps

Put College in Perspective

College isn’t just about acquiring a degree – it’s about growing intellectually, preparing to enter the professional world and achieving your goals. Before you begin the application process, find out which schools might be a good fit.

evaluate your fit

The Transition

Maybe you’ve chosen a school, but have you really thought about what it’ll take for you to transition successfully? We’ve done the thinking for you and identified resources to help you master your transition. Review these materials to get started on mapping your successful transition to college.

master your transition

Find Your "Right Fit" College

Take the Right Fit Quiz to evaluate whether the schools you are considering fit your academic, social and emotional needs.

Take the right fit quiz

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