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During high school your children will be gaining academic skills and knowledge to prepare for life, but thriving in adulthood requires more than just facts learned in classes. Throughout this site, we’ll share information, tools and guidance to help you and your student through the transition out of high school and onto the next step. We will help them with finding the right college fit, developing important emotional and life skills, increasing their knowledge about important health issues for teens and young adults and provide guidance about adjusting to life at college.

College in Perspective

Choosing whether or not to attend college and where to apply can be challenging for a student and for their family. Although college provides substantial educational, financial and social benefits, students and their families often prioritize the wrong things when thinking about where to apply. Keeping the important factors in the foreground will help you keep the stress level down and keep the right tone with your child through this process.

Basic Life Skills

There are many important lessons kids need to learn while growing up which are not taught in a classroom. As they mature, kids typically get better at handling their physical needs like sleep and nutrition; their organizational needs like managing their time and daily activities; and managing their “stuff” (including clothes, managing money, etc.). We know that young people who go to college or live on their own lacking in these basic skills can have a harder time with the transition and might even be at higher risk for emotional problems.

Social and Emotional Skills

Everyone has an array of thoughts, feelings and relationships with others. As children grow up, these thoughts, feelings and relationships develop and mature. These qualities will have a profound impact on our lives-especially as young people transition into independent life at college or adulthood in general. These developing qualities called “social and emotional skills,” include things like: identifying our emotions, knowing our values, self-esteem, resilience and grit and relating to others. In this section we will review an approach to better understand these important issues for your kids.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Literacy

During the teen and young adult years, it it not uncommon for emotional and substance use problems to appear. Therefore, it is really valuable for both you and your child to be able to identify the factors that can support emotional health and the indications that trouble may be emerging. This knowledge is particularly important as your child prepares to become more independent after high school and college life.

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