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While your primary mission is to provide your students with the classroom knowledge they need to prepare for their future, there are many other important developmental tasks which will make a tremendous difference to their future success in life. Through this site, we will be sharing information about college choice and fit, developing important emotional and life skills and essential health information for teens and young adults that will help set a course for emotional success and a smooth transition to college and adulthood.

College in Perspective

Choosing whether or not to attend college will have important influence on your students’ futures. Making emotionally informed choices about what school to attend is more important than many of them may imagine. Throughout this section we’ll suggest the kinds of things they should be thinking about and how you might help them in this process.

Basic Life Skills

Young people will have a less stressful transition to adult and college life if they have adequate mastery of basic life skills. These skills include everything from managing their diet, sleep, time and health care to handling money, shopping, clothing and laundry. In this section we are providing young people a basic overview of both the importance of mastering these skills and also some simple guidance around how they can learn to take care of these things.

Social and Emotional Skills

We typically think of social and emotional skills like knowing and managing emotions, understanding personal values and handling friendships and relationships as the concern of families and lower schools. Nevertheless, having a handle on these skills can increase the ease and success of transition to college and adulthood. And, even high schools can do a lot to promote social and emotional skill acquisition.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Literacy

While there are few physical illnesses that arise in teens and young adults, this is a common time of life for the appearance of emotional and substance use problems. Therefore, it is really valuable for young people to have a basic understanding of the factors that can support emotional health and the indications that trouble may be emerging. This knowledge is particularly important as kids gets ready for the increased independence of college life.

The Transition

When a young person is moving to college (whether living at school or at home) there are many new tasks and skills to manage. Taking care of personal health and safety, learning the ropes of life on campus and how to use resources and supports, adjusting to new and changing relationships will all be reviewed in this section. We hope this will provide a roadmap which will ease the transition for your students and help you develop a framework for sharing this content at school.

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